Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shop Like a Pro This Summer!

Spending this summer can be  better if you know how to spend wiser. Know how to become a pro when shopping by following the tips listed here.

Do judge a product by its content, not its container. Supercool packaging usually costs more, which forces the manufacturers to increase the price at the cash register. So when picking a product, check the label. Know the benefits and ingredients. Make sure that you are not just buying the packaging but the product itself. Get also the expiration date, check if the product can last a longer amount of time especially if it’s gonna be stuck in the shelf for a long period of time, like non-food products.

Don’t overdo it on sale items. When you see sun tanning lotion or your favourite swimsuit go on sale for the summer, take your sweet time before buying. Check first for the quality . Do not get fooled by buying quickly stuff on sale. When your fave beauty product gets marked down, pick up two at the most. Buying more could leave you with spoiled stuff sitting on your shelf. Also buying sale items in bulk may be frustrating especially if you found out that the items are of not so good quality.

Do spend extra dough when it’s worth it. That cut-rate product is a bargain only if it gives you the same results as the more expensive one you usually buy. Think of quality first. You might end up spending more on inferior, second-rate products. If  you are buying air conditioner for example, be sure to check for the specifications and check wether the product is simply sub-standard and won’t last for a longer amount of time. Spend ing more on quality products may give you a better value for your money spent.
Don’t get fooled by freebies. Getting a giveaway bottle of  sculpting lotion when you buy a brush is cool only if you use it. Get the most of your money by swapping freebies with a friend: Trade the conditioner that came with your shampoo (but is too heavy for your hair or you don’t like the type) for the bonus hairspray she snagged but doesn’t use.

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