Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shopping spree the good and bad facts on coupon sites

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Everyone loves to shop, to do some groceries every pay day, to buy new things and so on. This is not new anymore for all of us, because some, they have to do shopping for their daily needs. But because a lot of people do shopping in Philippines, a lot of shops too, do some tricks to earn double and make their costumers satisfied to their products and promos. Like, they will introduce their own websites to have an easy promotion about their product. The new thing is their coupon sites. If you’re not aware, this coupon could help people to buy what they want, but in a bit cheaper. This is available for everyone because you can find it through websites but you need to be a member first to a particular site. But of course, this new coupon sites has its advantages and disadvantages to people who regularly used it and to those who are intending to avail this.

Let’s first talk about the advantage of this coupon sites to every customer who uses this. We all know that Filipino is very enthusiastic to hear about discounts. Definitely this coupon sites will help Filipino people and also the others to have more discounts on the things what they want to buy inside the mall, restaurants, and hotels or in any shops. Because of the use of this coupon’s is to avail the product in a bit cheaper. So people can make some savings on their monthly budget through this coupon sites. Another advantage of it, is this coupon sites is available whenever you need it because it’s already downloadable compared to those old coupon attached in magazines, news paper etc. which is usable for one use only. Also having this coupon over the internet is much cheaper, and you can choose an item you want to be discounted, compared to the old coupon from magazines, newspaper and etc. that you have to buy another magazine just to get a new coupon and you can’t even choose you just have to settle for the available coupons. Of course the company or the shops that has this availability of coupon sites will benefits a lot. Because this can double their profits every single day, more customer who avail the coupons, more profit will come into the company or shop depends on the discounted coupon chosen by the customer.

If there’s an advantage of course there is always a disadvantage. Now, let’s see the disadvantage of this coupon sites. According to some customer who used this coupon for shopping in Philippines, this coupon sites is not that helpful because the discounts is not that big. Also the process of availing the coupon is too long because of so much registration, you have to enter some of your personal information which is not safe when you give it online for the reason that a lot of spammers and thief also spotting this kind of negotiation. And lastly some printable coupons may not be accepted easily by some local store due to being cautious in fraud coupons.

Overall, this kind of coupon’s which is available online may help you or not, the important is people should always be aware of something to avoid fraudulence of other people in terms of buying something. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

6 Christmas Shopping Tips That You Need To Keep On The List

For moms and dads or gaurdians, the holidays is really a wild busy time. Involving the baking and cooking, the holiday parties, the pageants, the traveling, the creating, as well as the corresponding, you have to in some manner find and wrap a sincere gift for the children, spouse, parents, relatives and pals.

Even if you earn dedication to get less on gifts this year, you will still desire to give something significant. The worst part is, you have to enjoy the holidays, however, you worry that it will whiz by while you were feeling frazzled and desperate.

If it's you, right here are a handful of recommendations that will help you have a couple of from the stress from the holiday shopping that will help you once again love this specific magical time of the season.

1. Start early. Like now. When you shop for that holiday gifts early, you've more time to look into the options, along with the stores could have a bigger selection of people hot toys. Additionally, you will be disbursing the cost on the longer time of time. And you're simply vulnerable to save some money because you'll have time to consider the deals, both on the web and off - also to watch for promotional code, if needed. If you are shipping all your presents, you'll be capable of relax once the buying was already finished by Thanksgiving time. Then, when everyone is anxiously rushing for the mall and throwing elbows returning cashmere sweater, you'll be able to relax, sip a hot peppermint mocha watching "It's a Wonderful Existence."

Once I was maturing, my grandmother felt like she was running late if she was without of her Gifts bought and wrapped with this summer time 1. I am certain it absolutely was no coincidence that she appeared to become the main one that made an appearance most likely probably the most relaxed and happy through the holidays, and he or she always had time to produce sugar snacks and popcorn balls with me at night. Possess a signal from my grandmother and acquire started today.

2. Do whatever you have to do to produce your shopping excursions more fun. Tote around an excellent friend or two, and you'll possess a lot fun you will need to produce a ritual of going holiday shopping together every year. To really cut the stress, possess a break in the heart of a couple of days together striking your chosen departmental stores then, that you does not need to compete due to a lot of crowds (specifically if you skipped Tip 1, which is December already.)

3. Keep an inventory, all year round, of presents for that pals and family. Write lower cute small problems the truth is that interact with their interests. It's so easier without needing to begin by yourself inside the mall, while you stare within the stack of George Foreman grills and waffle makers.

4. Enhance your scenery. If large malls bum get you started utilizing their over-target the commercialization of Christmas, plan a weekend getaway towards the and surrounding suburbs, where they celebrate the holidays in old-fashioned style. You'll be able to small village or ski town in your neighborhood where they have carolers walking the street inside the nights? Where they light the outdoors trees and where they always wrap the gifts to suit your needs, while you chat leisurely while using shop entrepreneurs? Find this kind of place and will also be whizzing carols yourself as you weave your strategies by and from boutiques, consuming cider or hot cocoa. Joining a vintage-fashioned Christmas can help you obtain inside the holiday spirit. You might have a great deal fun that your loved ones will love it an annual tradition.

5. Think unique - not large ticket. Instead of trying to bowl someone finished the enormity from the gift, find something that is different and basically acceptable. It's frequently these small , thoughtful gifts that would be the wedding. Clearly, you will have to start early to own any chance of finding this just-right gift, but gift-giving will probably be much more enjoyable if you make a game title title of locating the perfect item for each recipient, rather than another step to mix off your crowded to-do list.

6. Order online. The net has a variety of interesting gift stores and catalogs that feature items you'd be hard-pressed to find in stores. When you uncover an internet-based store with gifts you want, instead of purchasing immediately, request the website's paper catalog (if available) and sign up for the e-mail e-e-newsletter. You're vulnerable to get online codes and special special discounts.

In the event you, at all like me, become Scrooge as soon as you drive into the parking part of the local retail complex, supply the above ideas an effort, and possess a contented (low-stress) holiday.

Environmentally Friendly Shopping Tips

You will find many promotions and firms declaring eco-friendly qualifications but frequently lots of messages are confused and getting a supplier of environmentally friendly items can invariably be challenging, particularly if you are a new comer to the eco-friendly movement yourself.

When you are eco-friendly is all about a lot more than purchasing items from biodegradable materials or from companies that boast eco-friendly qualifications. Being eco and shopping eco is all about searching in the impact we now have within the things we buy and where we purchase from.

Listed here are a couple of tips when searching to purchase environmentally friendly items:

Always select a supplier close to you. You might get a cost much less on the web but when the merchandise needs to be shipped from overseas think about the environment damage you do along the way. Select a store that they themselves buy in your area and you can be certain of lowering the carbon footprint associated with a item you buy.

Select a store and product that is connected with recognised eco-friendly associations. It's very easy to boast eco-friendly qualifications but many eco-friendly merchants and providers works hands-in-hands with eco-friendly actions and non profit organizations so search for their logos, for example, if you're purchasing a washer search for the power star logo design.

Make certain you recycle and packaging or boxes that your environmentally friendly product comes to. Frequently, even eco-friendly items arrive with way too much packaging so make certain you've somewhere to recycle it.

Make certain guess what happens you would like prior to ordering. It might be handy to order several products to help you choose that which you like before delivering the relaxation back but all that unnecessary travelling increases the carbon footprint so make certain you order the right size to begin with.

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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mall Sale, Is It Worth It?

June or July is the year-end sale. Most of the people are ranting or raving about it. Most of the people go crazy about sale. What is a sale? Sale is where you buy a certain item that is discounted or priced lower than it’s used to be. Usually, most of the large mall chains here in the metro held a monthly sale. Actually there’s a lot of sale going on: monthly sale, year-end sale, end-of-season sale (for winter/rainy days, or summer), back to school sale, graduation sale, mother/father’s day sale, Christmas sale, and almost name it, they have it kind of sales.
For monthly sales, it is during the 15th or 30th (usually the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of it). For year-end, it is usually during June or July. While end of season, it is usually January and July. People go to mall for shopping rather than going to some places like Divisoria or Quiapo most reason would be because malls are usually cooler, have lots of things to do after shopping in philippines like movie, dining, etc.

Sale is not limited to clothes only. It mostly covers all kinds of items you can find inside the mall. Do we save money with sales? Definitely yes! You can get a lot of savings if you buy in bulk. Some sale have it red tagged, yellow tagged, or green tagged (some have orange tags as well). It depends on the discount they give you.

When buying items, be sure to buy first what is your priority? Is it your clothes, do you have an event to be attending to, is it your children’s back to school moment, is it Christmas, or whatever the occasion is, be sure to know it first. Don’t to “impulsive buying” because you’ll end up having nothing. Be sure to identify what you need to buy, and how it will be helpful to you.

For example, if you’re after the quantity of your clothes, sale is an advantage for you. It is because you get to buy them cheaper. You go for in-sale items because you’re just going to use them once or twice a month probably. Why buy that in original price, when you can get it in a lower price.     Christmas - You’ve got a long list of people to be given gifts. Mall sale is very helpful for you. You get to buy lower priced items than they used to be. But be sure to be buying in the morning because you’ll end up being tired or lazy in the afternoon or during weekends because there are lots of people on your way. It is practical to go after mall sales if you’re not after the “what’s in” because you can wait for it’s price to drop.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Manila Flower Market Dangwa

Dangwa Flower Market is probably the most popular places within the Philippines. Located in the center of Manila, this long stretch of philippine flower shop decorating the road with wide collections of flowers has become a popular landmark known the majority of within the country. The only one component that chose to make this place known as well as unique is the fact unlike shopping malls and malls, these flower shops are simply in the streets, along Dos Castillas street along with other parallel streets in Dimasalang, Sampaloc, Manila.

The flower marketplace is home to 50 plus stalls set-up along the streets where lots of today's flowers for sale in malls and shopping malls would usually originate from that flower market. In special occasions, the streets would usually become populate with thousands of Filipinos originating from throughout Manila to purchase flowers. Such events are Valentine's Day, All Soul's Day, All Saint's Day, Mother's Day, and Mother Mary's Day. Although prices could reach up to six times its original price, the Dangwa Flower Market commonly known as of their prices.

Compared to flower for sale in malls and shopping malls, prices of flowers accessible in Dangwa philippine flower shop could possibly be bargained as low as P50 Philippines Pesos on a regular day. That Dangwa Flower Market became popular from that one trait. But apart from that, Dangwa Flower Market are also famous for its achievements before it gained wide recognition across the country.

The flower market was believed to have began on 1976. The market industry was then in the middle of middle-class neighborhoods. Throughout the 80's and the 90's, the marketplace has surpassed the fame of competitors in Quiapo, Manila and Baclaran. It is stated how the market's golden years is in the period when Imelda Marcos was the First Lady. In those days, the market provided flowers for big flower shops, which often decorated the Malacanang Palace.

Additionally, the flower market seemed to be renovated during the past to really make it more like a flower market instead of just a street with various philippine flower shop. The flower market is renovated at that time Manila mayor Lito Atienza. Popular highlights from the flower market are its flower-shaped lamp posts decorating the street. A signboard seemed to be raised to acknowledge the area not only as Dos Castillas street but in addition since the Dangwa Flower Market, the central flower shop of Manila. magazine offers more than buy and sell philippines:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Shopping Habits of Pinoys

‘Why shopping?’ I hear you ask when the other countries all over the world are conversing and engaging in brands and retailing. The answer is based on a straightforward truth. Generally people especially Pinoys love to go shopping. They do not get into retailing nor business, they choose shopping.

There is not any doubt about this, Filipinos simply love to buy and shop each and every chance they have. The Philippines is actually called as the Mall Republic with the all-pervasive malls mushrooming in most cities, corner, and practically just about everywhere is just one of the proofs that certainly expenses are rising on this country.

Do Filipinos generally earn more to permit them this behavior? Certainly not because still, most of people is within the poverty line. Even so, those in the middle income level are more likely to go shopping for consumer and technological goods, in other words, largely consumer goods.

Hence, plastic cards prove useful and a good reason that many would like to have these tiny plastic to permit them the convenience as well as the credit of spending on their heart's content. Despite of the current world economic downturn, research by Syncopate in 2009 says Filipinos spending habit usually remained precisely the same, with spending on luxury items only decreased. What this means is, that even just in major world downturn in the economy, the spending habits of Filipinos hasn't been significantly affected.

Oh, and did I forget to say that Filipinos love to shop and discover great bargains and deals?

Well, that has been the initial purpose actually however it just evolved into what's now enormous city-like shopping malls (probably why the name SM City).

The Philippines has malls large and small. The largest of these is the Mall of Asia (MOA) comprising 42 hectares and regarded as the third biggest in Asia along with the 4th worldwide based on Forbes (Although the recent renovation and adding of additional commercial space of the SM City North EDSA might have changed this statistic). Average daily visitors at MOA reach 200,000.

Currently because Filipinos need to do everything in one place , so in entered the medical clinics, the dental care clinics, the church fellowships, the indoor racing tracks, the bars, the coffee houses, bookstores,  barber shops, beauty salons, fitness centers, utilities payment centers, repair shops, conference halls, displays and galleries, name it and I’m sure it’s all inside somewhere.

And all of the malls within the Philippines are normally jam-packed!

And you will find a new one being built constantly or even the old ones being renovated to include more floor footage. Although this spending habit is great news for businessmen, this can't be said of the country's future savings and investment decision outlook. It is ok to spend but we should also allot a part of our earnings in savings and investment.

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High- End Shopping in Mandaluyong

High-end equipments shopping  in the Philippines can be a problem especially if you don’t know where to go.The Ortigas Commercial Center in Mandaluyong city has several well-known malls, like the SM Megamall, Shangri-La Plaza, and Robinson's Galleria.

SM Megamall is situated along EDSA and it is considered to be the lengthiest mall in the nation next week. Within just its two long complexes, you will discover six floors of shops, an roller skating rink, an entertainment center, rides for your little children, and a dozen cinemas. On Around the fifth floor would be the Megatrade Hall which consists of switching displays and gatherings. It has been a venue for car exhibit, book fairs, computer fairs, playthings and gift fairs, as well as sports sales.

There are some galleries around the fourth floor featuring Philippine art. Additionally , there are stores promoting  Philippine-made furnishing like Memory Lane. You might want to check out Old Manila. Local products can also be purchased at The Tahanan Store and Regalong Pambahay that both sell stuff and assorted items for your  home.

Right beside SM Megamall, and gated off by EDSA and Shaw Boulevard will be the Shangri-La Plaza. This  local mall accommodates more toward the high-end market. Though this might be true, not everything is expensive. It features a good selection of shops and dining places. The atmosphere is extremely relaxed since it does not get overcrowded much like the other malls. For entertainment, there's the William J. Shaw Theater  with a 500 seating capacity where you could watch plays and musicals from the Repertory Philippines Company. There's two cinemas, a Ripley's Believe It or Not exhibit, in addition to  periodic art exhibits.

Shangri-La Plaza might not be big as Megamall, nonetheless it is still equipped with lots of fascinating  stores and kiosks. The shops selling domestic goods and furniture could have a number of native handicrafts, but probably only of one type including shell items, or woodworks. A very important thing to try and do to locate handicrafts is head out on the Rustan's shopping area, as well as in case you have to purchase a special gift for someone while you are in Manila, Rustan's comes with an outlet of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art shop.

Robinson's Galleria alongside Ortigas Avenue and EDSA has expanded, and already provides a much wider collection of shops. There are many specialty stores whose attractions vary from software applications, to discount books, leather-based products, as well as whimsical household d├ęcor and fixtures.

The Robinson's department shop has almost everything handicrafts, to garments, cosmetic makeup products, houseware and grocery. Between grocery and the food court, are several stalls selling stuff like bargain clothing, silver necklaces, and wrist watches. Even  more stalls selling affordable outfits, tops, as well as other apparel occupy a wing around the third floor. So the next time you plan to buy hight-end product or equipment, you will know where to go.

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tips on Shopping for Office Clothes This Summer

Pinays seem to have this problem every year: The weather gets hot and you don’t have anything to wear to the office that looks good. But worry no more. Read on to find out how to look cool this summer time without spending a lot of money.

Tip # 1 is to have a plan. Decide if you want to shop for work wear or casual apparel.  The more that you know what is precisely you are looking for, the more that you can buy a better yet cheaper item. Don’t shop for everything in one trip.

Tip # 2 Scan the entire shop so that you can find roughly where everything is. With this strategy, you visit the basics first and then when you’re done, you can shop for accessories next. Then you can shop for separates to finish the look that you want.

Tip # 3 Pick out as many items that you can try on so that you can choose a better item and pick one that fits your budget. Trying out the clothes that you are planning to buy can help you determine if it is a good quality item or whether the item does fit well.

Tip # 4 For summer, nothing is cooler than colors navy and white. It looks clean and beautiful at the same time. What you can do is to select separates that mix and match and see what works well together like probably a white little tank under a floral print skirt since floral print is definitely in for summer. You can add a gorgeous sweater on the top, very appropriate for work.
Tip # 5 For sizzling summer styles, the big sunglasses are still in. The key to pulling it off is having your hair down and just have confidence of owning it. It is not advisable to pull your hair back when wearing these fashion eyeglasses because it will be too much exposure for the face.

Tip #6  For a more casual look, flat shoes are definitely a must. You can wear them preferably  for more casual events as well.

It really pays to discovering great but affordable clothes and accessories that enhances your body and compliments your personal style. Be sure to remember these tips the next time you shop at the malls and buy some really great casual wear. Happy shopping!

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Shop Like a Pro This Summer!

Spending this summer can be  better if you know how to spend wiser. Know how to become a pro when shopping by following the tips listed here.

Do judge a product by its content, not its container. Supercool packaging usually costs more, which forces the manufacturers to increase the price at the cash register. So when picking a product, check the label. Know the benefits and ingredients. Make sure that you are not just buying the packaging but the product itself. Get also the expiration date, check if the product can last a longer amount of time especially if it’s gonna be stuck in the shelf for a long period of time, like non-food products.

Don’t overdo it on sale items. When you see sun tanning lotion or your favourite swimsuit go on sale for the summer, take your sweet time before buying. Check first for the quality . Do not get fooled by buying quickly stuff on sale. When your fave beauty product gets marked down, pick up two at the most. Buying more could leave you with spoiled stuff sitting on your shelf. Also buying sale items in bulk may be frustrating especially if you found out that the items are of not so good quality.

Do spend extra dough when it’s worth it. That cut-rate product is a bargain only if it gives you the same results as the more expensive one you usually buy. Think of quality first. You might end up spending more on inferior, second-rate products. If  you are buying air conditioner for example, be sure to check for the specifications and check wether the product is simply sub-standard and won’t last for a longer amount of time. Spend ing more on quality products may give you a better value for your money spent.
Don’t get fooled by freebies. Getting a giveaway bottle of  sculpting lotion when you buy a brush is cool only if you use it. Get the most of your money by swapping freebies with a friend: Trade the conditioner that came with your shampoo (but is too heavy for your hair or you don’t like the type) for the bonus hairspray she snagged but doesn’t use.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Do Filipinos Love the Malls ?

Like what I said in a previous article we Filipinos love to shop. It’s probably a personal choice. Eversince the malls spawned in different parts of the metropolis, Pinoys crowd the mall, shopping like there is no tomorrow.  There is no doubt about it, Filipinos simply love to spend and shop at every chance they get. Just visit the malls and you will see that they are the most crowded places in the country. And that is a fact, even though the majority of the population is under the poverty line. Now the malls offer more services other than to shop. More than you can imagine, I must say.

How did it came about? How did the shopping mentality of the Filipinos came to fore? For one. It might be because our country, being tropical, experiences scorching temperatures, especially during noon time. And that is why people flock in the mall. It is air conditioned, attractive and well, complete.

Almost all the big malls have almost everything that you want to shop for. They have the groceries, boutiques,barber shops and salons, spa, DIY hardware shops, entertainment, gaming and amusement, furnitures and bookstores. It is indeed a total one stop shopping experience. Heck, they even have Sunday masses held in Malls so that families doesn’t have to bother themselves going to church before  heading for the malls.

The success of the malls lead to the sprouting of more malls. Now there are so many malls around the country that malls have become  common places here. Which is not really a bad thing since it helps in creating labor and employment. One disadvantage that I can think of though, is that business owners near the area either have their business fold or get dominated by this big malls. We all heard of bomb threats and bomb explosions that malls experienced in the past right?

But amidst all of that, Filipinos still continue to crowd the malls. Probably the mall culture of the Filipinos have already become so inculcated in our beings that we still continue to  flock the malls. That maybe a good or bad thing, but like I said it’s a personal choice.

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