Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tips on Shopping for Office Clothes This Summer

Pinays seem to have this problem every year: The weather gets hot and you don’t have anything to wear to the office that looks good. But worry no more. Read on to find out how to look cool this summer time without spending a lot of money.

Tip # 1 is to have a plan. Decide if you want to shop for work wear or casual apparel.  The more that you know what is precisely you are looking for, the more that you can buy a better yet cheaper item. Don’t shop for everything in one trip.

Tip # 2 Scan the entire shop so that you can find roughly where everything is. With this strategy, you visit the basics first and then when you’re done, you can shop for accessories next. Then you can shop for separates to finish the look that you want.

Tip # 3 Pick out as many items that you can try on so that you can choose a better item and pick one that fits your budget. Trying out the clothes that you are planning to buy can help you determine if it is a good quality item or whether the item does fit well.

Tip # 4 For summer, nothing is cooler than colors navy and white. It looks clean and beautiful at the same time. What you can do is to select separates that mix and match and see what works well together like probably a white little tank under a floral print skirt since floral print is definitely in for summer. You can add a gorgeous sweater on the top, very appropriate for work.
Tip # 5 For sizzling summer styles, the big sunglasses are still in. The key to pulling it off is having your hair down and just have confidence of owning it. It is not advisable to pull your hair back when wearing these fashion eyeglasses because it will be too much exposure for the face.

Tip #6  For a more casual look, flat shoes are definitely a must. You can wear them preferably  for more casual events as well.

It really pays to discovering great but affordable clothes and accessories that enhances your body and compliments your personal style. Be sure to remember these tips the next time you shop at the malls and buy some really great casual wear. Happy shopping!

Source: gohunt philippines,Philippines Classified Ads

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