Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mall Sale, Is It Worth It?

June or July is the year-end sale. Most of the people are ranting or raving about it. Most of the people go crazy about sale. What is a sale? Sale is where you buy a certain item that is discounted or priced lower than it’s used to be. Usually, most of the large mall chains here in the metro held a monthly sale. Actually there’s a lot of sale going on: monthly sale, year-end sale, end-of-season sale (for winter/rainy days, or summer), back to school sale, graduation sale, mother/father’s day sale, Christmas sale, and almost name it, they have it kind of sales.
For monthly sales, it is during the 15th or 30th (usually the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of it). For year-end, it is usually during June or July. While end of season, it is usually January and July. People go to mall for shopping rather than going to some places like Divisoria or Quiapo most reason would be because malls are usually cooler, have lots of things to do after shopping in philippines like movie, dining, etc.

Sale is not limited to clothes only. It mostly covers all kinds of items you can find inside the mall. Do we save money with sales? Definitely yes! You can get a lot of savings if you buy in bulk. Some sale have it red tagged, yellow tagged, or green tagged (some have orange tags as well). It depends on the discount they give you.

When buying items, be sure to buy first what is your priority? Is it your clothes, do you have an event to be attending to, is it your children’s back to school moment, is it Christmas, or whatever the occasion is, be sure to know it first. Don’t to “impulsive buying” because you’ll end up having nothing. Be sure to identify what you need to buy, and how it will be helpful to you.

For example, if you’re after the quantity of your clothes, sale is an advantage for you. It is because you get to buy them cheaper. You go for in-sale items because you’re just going to use them once or twice a month probably. Why buy that in original price, when you can get it in a lower price.     Christmas - You’ve got a long list of people to be given gifts. Mall sale is very helpful for you. You get to buy lower priced items than they used to be. But be sure to be buying in the morning because you’ll end up being tired or lazy in the afternoon or during weekends because there are lots of people on your way. It is practical to go after mall sales if you’re not after the “what’s in” because you can wait for it’s price to drop.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Manila Flower Market Dangwa

Dangwa Flower Market is probably the most popular places within the Philippines. Located in the center of Manila, this long stretch of philippine flower shop decorating the road with wide collections of flowers has become a popular landmark known the majority of within the country. The only one component that chose to make this place known as well as unique is the fact unlike shopping malls and malls, these flower shops are simply in the streets, along Dos Castillas street along with other parallel streets in Dimasalang, Sampaloc, Manila.

The flower marketplace is home to 50 plus stalls set-up along the streets where lots of today's flowers for sale in malls and shopping malls would usually originate from that flower market. In special occasions, the streets would usually become populate with thousands of Filipinos originating from throughout Manila to purchase flowers. Such events are Valentine's Day, All Soul's Day, All Saint's Day, Mother's Day, and Mother Mary's Day. Although prices could reach up to six times its original price, the Dangwa Flower Market commonly known as of their prices.

Compared to flower for sale in malls and shopping malls, prices of flowers accessible in Dangwa philippine flower shop could possibly be bargained as low as P50 Philippines Pesos on a regular day. That Dangwa Flower Market became popular from that one trait. But apart from that, Dangwa Flower Market are also famous for its achievements before it gained wide recognition across the country.

The flower market was believed to have began on 1976. The market industry was then in the middle of middle-class neighborhoods. Throughout the 80's and the 90's, the marketplace has surpassed the fame of competitors in Quiapo, Manila and Baclaran. It is stated how the market's golden years is in the period when Imelda Marcos was the First Lady. In those days, the market provided flowers for big flower shops, which often decorated the Malacanang Palace.

Additionally, the flower market seemed to be renovated during the past to really make it more like a flower market instead of just a street with various philippine flower shop. The flower market is renovated at that time Manila mayor Lito Atienza. Popular highlights from the flower market are its flower-shaped lamp posts decorating the street. A signboard seemed to be raised to acknowledge the area not only as Dos Castillas street but in addition since the Dangwa Flower Market, the central flower shop of Manila. magazine offers more than buy and sell philippines: