Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shopping spree the good and bad facts on coupon sites

Post Credit to – Gohunt PH, buy and sell philippines

Everyone loves to shop, to do some groceries every pay day, to buy new things and so on. This is not new anymore for all of us, because some, they have to do shopping for their daily needs. But because a lot of people do shopping in Philippines, a lot of shops too, do some tricks to earn double and make their costumers satisfied to their products and promos. Like, they will introduce their own websites to have an easy promotion about their product. The new thing is their coupon sites. If you’re not aware, this coupon could help people to buy what they want, but in a bit cheaper. This is available for everyone because you can find it through websites but you need to be a member first to a particular site. But of course, this new coupon sites has its advantages and disadvantages to people who regularly used it and to those who are intending to avail this.

Let’s first talk about the advantage of this coupon sites to every customer who uses this. We all know that Filipino is very enthusiastic to hear about discounts. Definitely this coupon sites will help Filipino people and also the others to have more discounts on the things what they want to buy inside the mall, restaurants, and hotels or in any shops. Because of the use of this coupon’s is to avail the product in a bit cheaper. So people can make some savings on their monthly budget through this coupon sites. Another advantage of it, is this coupon sites is available whenever you need it because it’s already downloadable compared to those old coupon attached in magazines, news paper etc. which is usable for one use only. Also having this coupon over the internet is much cheaper, and you can choose an item you want to be discounted, compared to the old coupon from magazines, newspaper and etc. that you have to buy another magazine just to get a new coupon and you can’t even choose you just have to settle for the available coupons. Of course the company or the shops that has this availability of coupon sites will benefits a lot. Because this can double their profits every single day, more customer who avail the coupons, more profit will come into the company or shop depends on the discounted coupon chosen by the customer.

If there’s an advantage of course there is always a disadvantage. Now, let’s see the disadvantage of this coupon sites. According to some customer who used this coupon for shopping in Philippines, this coupon sites is not that helpful because the discounts is not that big. Also the process of availing the coupon is too long because of so much registration, you have to enter some of your personal information which is not safe when you give it online for the reason that a lot of spammers and thief also spotting this kind of negotiation. And lastly some printable coupons may not be accepted easily by some local store due to being cautious in fraud coupons.

Overall, this kind of coupon’s which is available online may help you or not, the important is people should always be aware of something to avoid fraudulence of other people in terms of buying something.