Monday, January 24, 2011

Why Do Filipinos Love the Malls ?

Like what I said in a previous article we Filipinos love to shop. It’s probably a personal choice. Eversince the malls spawned in different parts of the metropolis, Pinoys crowd the mall, shopping like there is no tomorrow.  There is no doubt about it, Filipinos simply love to spend and shop at every chance they get. Just visit the malls and you will see that they are the most crowded places in the country. And that is a fact, even though the majority of the population is under the poverty line. Now the malls offer more services other than to shop. More than you can imagine, I must say.

How did it came about? How did the shopping mentality of the Filipinos came to fore? For one. It might be because our country, being tropical, experiences scorching temperatures, especially during noon time. And that is why people flock in the mall. It is air conditioned, attractive and well, complete.

Almost all the big malls have almost everything that you want to shop for. They have the groceries, boutiques,barber shops and salons, spa, DIY hardware shops, entertainment, gaming and amusement, furnitures and bookstores. It is indeed a total one stop shopping experience. Heck, they even have Sunday masses held in Malls so that families doesn’t have to bother themselves going to church before  heading for the malls.

The success of the malls lead to the sprouting of more malls. Now there are so many malls around the country that malls have become  common places here. Which is not really a bad thing since it helps in creating labor and employment. One disadvantage that I can think of though, is that business owners near the area either have their business fold or get dominated by this big malls. We all heard of bomb threats and bomb explosions that malls experienced in the past right?

But amidst all of that, Filipinos still continue to crowd the malls. Probably the mall culture of the Filipinos have already become so inculcated in our beings that we still continue to  flock the malls. That maybe a good or bad thing, but like I said it’s a personal choice.

-source : gohunt philippines
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