Monday, November 1, 2010

Shopping in Philippines - Local Patriotism

It may be the last vestige of our  mental colonialism but I seriously despise how we Filipinos prefer PX Goods more than our local products. Even in my family, my siblings prefer Nike or Addidas  over local brands made in Marikina. Be it clothing, cars, watches, even movies , we are swoon by our foreign counterparts which hurt our economy more that we can imagine.
How can we possibly climb back to economic  rebound when we do not do our part and support our own products ?  Even in school, students are provided with the wrong notion that local stuff are inferior than foreign ones. This is carried on until we grow old.

This shouldn’t be the case though. We should end this thinking and instead inculcate the young with flavors of nationalism. Nationalism should be a priority. Without it, then our sense of being Filipino is lost. Here are some reasons why we should choose native over foreign ones:

Great Quality. 
If you look carefully, you’ll find that many of our local goods have artistic flair. Clothes and accessories come in all forms to help exude your chosen lifestyle. Many items are export quality.  Who needs to go abroad when there is Greenhills is just around  the corner.

Choice. Over the years a lot of chic local boutiques have been popping up, giving consumers more goods to choose from (Bench, Maldita, Plains and Prints ). They cater to the new and trendy generation of teenagers and yuppies.

Price. Who needs to spend thousands when hundreds will do? Many locally made clothes and accessories are competitive with imported goods. After all, imported doesn’t always translate to style or durability.

Nationalism.  Let’s help spruce up the economy by buying local. Instead of showing up at rally’s , it’s time to bring on the shopping revolution. So let’s go and hunt for cool local finds! Choose local, save the economy!

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